Pro Tips: What to do if your energy supplier is overcharging you?

Discrepancies in energy bills on a monthly basis is no huge deal. Normally, every household’s usage varies from month to month and so does your bill payment. However, if your electricity and gas bills are consistently coming in more than they should, there could potentially be an issue. Maybe, your energy supplier is having you pay more than you need to. If that ends up being the case, the following are some important tips that can help you deal with the situation and make sure you pay as expected!

1. Check your metercheck energy meter

The first thing to do in this scenario is to go over your metre readings. Suppliers prefer having users pay in advance for their energy so there are no payment delays. That stands even if the users don’t use all of their credit. In this case, going by estimate bills, you may end up being charged more than you need to.

If you are not sure about whether your bills are being estimated or not, a simple way to go is to check for the word ‘estimated’ in your bill or else, call your supplier to ask the question and know for sure so there’s no doubt left.

By submitting a minimum of four-meter readings per year, you can avoid being overcharged. That’s because you’ll be able to come up with an average number for your bills that also accounts for changes in temperature and then your energy use according to that.

Smart meters are particularly helpful in this case as they keep track of all your usage and keep your bills accurate. However, if you don’t have one and are using a standard meter, you can jot down numbers before the decimal point and leave the one’s highlighted in red and you’ll be good. This will effectively minimize the risk of you being overcharged by your supplier.

2. Ask the supplier about the issue

If your bills are coming in unusually high, you can alask for excessive billsways reach out to the supplier and make a query about it. Especially, if you are using a smart meter because with those the chances of error are significantly low. A small clerical error could be the cause of inflation in your bills and asking about it and having it fixed can easily solve the issue.
If you don’t get a satisfactory response to your query within eight weeks, you can officially make a complaint by going to the energy ombudsman which usually awards most cases, some with financial compensation.

3. Don’t pay the exit feeno exit fee - energy bills

An exit fee can also result in unusually high bills. This mostly happens in the case of fixed-rate plans. That’s why it’s important to read the fine print and all factors involved when signing up for an energy deal. This saves you the hassle of spending any unexpected money later on. The reason the exit fee exists is so that you can’t leave or switch your energy supply before your contract ends.

However, in most cases, if you give notice 42 to 49 days prior, you can get away without paying the exit fee. If the supplier increases its prices, resulting in making you want to switch, you don’t have to pay the exit fee.

4. Don’t let a price increase affect your bill

schedule the meter reading dates

If your supplier is not reading your meter at the day of price increase & instead estimating your units used up until the price increase, there is a possibility that you will be charged a hefty amount with the new price in place. By submitting a meter reading on the day of price increase, you can let your energy supplier know of your energy usage both before and after the price increase and eliminate the chance of being charged extra.

5. Compare your optionscompare the deals

However, if none of these things makes a difference, you might have to consider another option. If despite all these factors your bills are still unusually high, you are even paying more than other people in your area, your supplier is planning to increase prices and you know they are overcharging you, it’s time you make a switch.
Many people are afraid of making a switch even when they can save a lot of money. The first step is to constantly compare your options to check what is out there. Every day, there are better deals available for you to get.

Just because they are using a different plan, two houses in the same neighborhood could have a stark difference in the amount of energy bills they pay. Comparing the UK’s energy deals more often than not can help you be in the loop for other options.
If you are not comparing your deal with other options, you might miss out on better dual fuel plans, online deals that offer discount and other options that are better suited to your needs and cost you less.

6. Switch to a better dealswitch to better deal

Ultimately, if you think you are not getting a good value for money, it’s time to make a switch. It doesn’t only stop at comparing deals, you need to actively make a switch if you want to get your hands on a better deal. Many users tend to compare energy deals a lot but never take the final step to switch. This is a mistake because the cheapest energy supplier for you is most possibly out there.

The most effective way to go through with the process is using an energy comparing sites like Bill Switchers. that compares hundreds of different energy deals and finds out the best option for you and then go for it.

The switching process itself is pretty straightforward and it will only take you ten seconds to fill the form. Considering, our experts use a huge energy database in order to compare various deals, you can trust that the switch you are making is the best for you.
So, wondering if your supplier is overcharging you? Stop stressing about it and actively solve the billing problems now!


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