Things to expect when changing energy suppliers in UK

changing energy provider

Over the last few years, the numbers of customers that have changed their energy suppliers have significantly increased.

If your bills are considerably higher and causing a strain on your wallet, it’s time for you to make a change. Many people have saved a lot by comparing the cheapest energy suppliers and choosing energy deals that are best suited for them. However, many hesitate to make the change. The reason why some people are doubtful about switching energy suppliers is that they don’t know much about the process.

Here are a few things you can expect after you’ve changed energy suppliers:

Changing energy suppliers happen remotely

switch remotely

If you’re wondering whether new equipment needs to be installed or whether somebody will visit your house after changing energy suppliers- you need not worry. The whole process happens remotely. There will be no changes in your wires, pipes or metre.

It’s also important to know that there is no possibility of being cut off. The type of gas coming through your pipes is not changing.

The only change you are making is regarding the supplier and the rate you are charged.

No contact with the previous supplier

no contact with previous supplierYou don’t have to contact your previous energy supplier and inform them of your leaving. Once you have chosen the new energy supplier, they will see to it that they talk to the previous suppliers themselves and decide on a switch over date. In order to close your account, you would need to send your metre reading to the new supplier. They will get your final bill by sharing this reading with your old supplier, so you can pay the last of dues and get your previous account shut.

If you don’t owe any money to your old supplier and you don’t have any overdue bills, then your old supplier cannot stop you from switching. It depends completely on you and the kind of deal you’re able to get.

Straightforward billing

no-hidden-chargesA switch won’t affect the way you pay your bills. Meaning, you won’t get billed two times. Your old supplier will bill you up to the date you switch to the new supplier and then, the new supplier is going to bill you from that date onwards. On the switch over date, you can also cancel your direct debit with your previous energy supplier.

It’s not a complicated process

easy switching steps

Getting your hands on the best deals and switching to a cheaper energy supplier is not something overly complicated. Even then, just in case you change your mind you get 14 days to reach out to your new supplier and let them know you will not be making the switch.

The most important part is to find the best deal for you. That’s also pretty easy to do. All you have to do is fill a ten-second form at Bill Switchers UK and our experts will efficiently compare up to 790+ energy deals in order to find you the best available deal so you can both save your money and effectively fulfil your energy needs!

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