UK Energy Prices Are Increasing. How to Save Electricity & Gas Bills This Winter?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have taken to spending a lot of time in their homes. That means we are using more energy than normal. With winter fast approaching and with it a hike in energy prices. We have to think of ways to minimize our energy costs.

Here are a few tips through which you can save your bills through cheap energy deals in UK, this winter!

Limit the use of the thermostat

reduce thermostat - save energy

According to energy saving trust, in an average UK home, you can cut your bills to up to 75£ by bringing down your room temperature by only 1ºC. That means you can save a lot on your electricity bills if instead of resorting to turning the dial, you opt for another way of staying warm. 

Layering up on clothes, putting on an extra pair of socks and taking advantage of the sun can go a long way. You can open the windows that face the sun during the day so the rooms can get naturally heated and close them at night. 

If you absolutely need to, turn your thermostat as low as possible while being at home and while you’re sleeping or out, put the thermostat on 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours, in order to reduce your energy bills. A programmable thermostat can help you set your temperature back and maintain it.

Also, only heating the rooms you use the most and closing the doors so the heat doesn’t escape them can help in further reduction in bills.

Cover up airy windows and stop draughts

Cover up airy windows and stop draughts

If you’re trying to conserve energy, you need to make sure that the heat is not escaping your home from unwanted gaps. Draught proofing strips could be acquired to use on doors and windows so the heat does not escape from the tiny openings. 

By taping a clear plastic film on the inside of your windows and sealing them tightly, you can reduce infiltration. You can also use insulating drapes on windows that bring in the draft. If your fireplace is not being used, you can put a cap on the chimney pot in order to improve energy efficiency.

Save on water heating costs


18% of your home’s energy use can be credited to heating water. If you cut down on hot water use, you can significantly lower your bills through  cheaper gas and electricity deals. You can turn down your water heating setting from scalding hot to warm. By fixing leaks, purchasing energy efficient dish and cloth washer and installing low flow fixtures you can help reduce your water heating bill to an astonishing extent. Low flow fixtures can also help you save around 25% to 60% in water savings.

You also need to make sure that your radiators are working properly. Sometimes, due to the improper circulation of hot water, they can develop cold spots and not function at their best. That’s why bleeding your radiators can help ensure proper functioning. You can also keep your hot showers short so that hot water usage can be minimized.

Monitor your energy

Monitor to cut your energy bills

When actively trying to conserve energy, it’s important to understand where you are using it the most. You need to see whether your home spends the most energy on heating and cooling, electrical appliances, water heating or lighting. Getting an energy monitor can help with that. 

The energy monitors help you observe how much energy you are using and at what time of the day your energy use is maximum. It can also help decipher which appliances are resulting in the most energy use. When you have all the data with you, controlling and conserving is that much easier. 

This way you can actively switch off appliances that are using a lot of energy when they are not in use. It can also help you decide which equipment you need to replace in order to get a more energy efficient alternative. 

Heating system maintenance

Maintaining heating systems can save unnecessary costs. It’s important to regularly schedule service for your heating systems. In the case of furnaces and heat pumps, it’s necessary to replace the filter once a month or whenever it’s necessary. In order to ensure efficient heating of your house, it’s important to regularly clean the insides of wood burning heaters.

Heating System Maintenance & Reduce your bill

Also, make sure your boiler is working properly. An inefficient boiler can cause you repair costs and call out fees that are both costly and unexpected. If your boiler is working fine, it enables you to cut down expenses on other heating tools such as heat blankets and heaters that result in high electricity bills.

Proper house insulation

Home Insulation to save the gas and electricity use


You can effectively reduce your heating bills with proper insulation. Insulation traps pockets of air to slow down the movement of heat, so less eat is escaping to the outdoors in winters. This helps keep your room warm for a longer period of time. By insulating your lofts and your cavity walls, you can take out £££ from your heating and electricity bills. 

Save money on holiday lightings

Save bill on holiday Lights

With winter, comes a time of festivities. Many people spend a lot of money on decorating lights that have a high energy consumption. Instead, by opting for ‘LEDs’ also knows as light emitting diodes while choosing light strings to decorate your home for winter holidays can help you save money.

All these tips can go a long way to help you lower your energy costs this winter season. Another important thing to do is to make sure you are choosing the cheapest energy deals company in UK by taking advantage of the best energy deals. 

swtching energy deal

Our professionals at can help compare your bills and bring you the cheapest energy deal that’s best suited for your home requirements. All you need to do is, fill out a 10 seconds form and quickly get the cheapest quotes from us. It’s best to be prepared on all fronts for the hard hitting winter so you can live comfortably without putting too much of a burden on your wallet!

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